4 Key Tips to Ensure Your Safety In The Course Of Cyber Monday Shopping

Cyber Monday is a day specially dedicated to shoppers who wish to get great deals on their favorite items online. While this day is electric and filled with excitement, scammers and hackers see this as an opportunity to hit the jackpot. That’s why you must implement all necessary security safeguards to prevent the possibilities of being a statistic. Here are the 4 key security safeguards to keep on the back of your mind:

1. Keep sharp eyes out on your sellers during Cyber Monday shopping

When scavenging the internet for the best online Cyber Monday deals, you might find yourself in unsecured websites unknowingly. These unsecured sites are risky, as the imposters can harness your information the longer you stay there. The solution to this problem is to hunt online Cyber Monday deals from trusted e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify and more.

These renowned e-commerce websites have invested a lot in the security of their websites, so you will have a piece of mind knowing that no hacker can get your sensitive information. Also, before and during Cyber Monday, some e-commerce retailers might contact you, and ask you to check out their Cyber Monday specials. Don't jump into those offers head first. Do your due diligence before visiting their sites. Check out their reputation by reading reviews on review sites to determine if they are indeed legit.

2. Protect your computer before searching out for top Cyber Monday deals

Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday is all about shopping online. The internet is filled with numerous threats. And if you go there unprotected, the possibilities of getting hacked are high. To mitigate this problem, install a powerful antivirus and antimalware on your computer. Also, after installation of the antivirus and antimalware, make sure you update your computer frequently. Frequent updates let you stay ahead of hackers.

Additionally, in the course of Cyber Monday Shopping online, and checking out using your credit card, ensure you can see the website's URL that reads https: The ‘'S'' stands for security, and that means that the site is secure. If the site lacks the ‘'S,'' don't attempt to shop on that site. Also, depending upon the kind of browser you're using, you will see a padlock symbol on the address bar. If the padlock is locked, then the site is secure. If it's unlocked, it's not secure, so don't attempt to enter your details on that site.

3. Keep an eye for red flags when shopping for the best Cyber Monday deals

The most common red flag that you should know is when an unknown person sends you emails in a bid to get in contact with you. Most scammers and hackers are so savvy that they have ways to harness customers’ emails. They will then send you a series of emails purporting to promote their early Cyber Monday deals, as well as the real Cyber Monday deals, yet you didn’t even sign up for those updates.

When you discover that such emails are in your inbox, don’t make the mistake of clicking on them. Doing so will invite a virus or malware that could take control of your device and harness your personal information such as bank account or PayPal account details.

4. Always use credit cards when paying for your best Cyber Monday deals

If you have never transacted with that e-commerce store, make sure you pay for your items using your credit card. Why? If they fail to deliver the products, you can initiate a dispute with your credit card company and the transaction can be reversed.

Security must always be on top of your agenda when looking to partake in Cyber Monday. The world out there is a jungle. Hackers are savvy, and they keep improving their skills with every improvement in security technology. So cushion yourself by implementing the security tips above.

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